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I used to weight 170 pounds 3 months back and now I weight 140 pounds and am still losing. Slim XL is the best weight loss capsule I have ever seen in my life. I will recommend it to all the obese people especially young ones to use it and reduce weight .

Celina Clive, Barbados

I was obese girl at young age of 20 , Life had become miserable for me & I had my own world obesity & was not able to enjoy life. Then I purchased Slim XL product and result was just unbelievable & I got permanent weight reduction of 25 Kg. In a 3 month. Their was figurative reduction in me & my skin lust has also totally changed . My friends were not able to recognize me & above all after so many years also my weight has not increased.

Sonal Patel , Chennai

Two years ago I weighed 237 pounds causing me to be very sick and always feeling run down. I had gone to nine doctors in this time and all of them came up with a different theory.I did not know who to trust and my self esteem was at an all time low. My concerned parents suggested I trial the Slim XL products. Sceptically I began to take Slim XL Weight loss Capsule and after a period of 12 months, I have lost an amazing 111 pounds. Thanks to the Slim XL products I now weigh 126 pounds, have a husband, a new career and I can dream again.

Rakesh Kumar , Mumbai

I heard about Slim XL from a friend who was getting amazing results, so I started on the Advanced program. Within 1 month I lost 17 pounds, within 12 weeks I’ve lost 40 pounds, and I’ve gone from size 18 to a size 6.I am so excited about my results I decided to become a Slim XL distributor, and I now work from home and last month I made an extra $2,150 part-time, and I can look after my children at the same time.

Tracy Hobben ,New York

I’ve been enjoying amazing energy and fantastic health for over 18 years with the Slim XL products. My energy went through the roof by the second day on the Slim XL weight loss products. Thanks to the Slim XL Weight loss Capsule a nutrition product I have never felt so healthy or had so much energy. With the Slim XL Weight loss Capsule I lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks, and I’ve kept the Slim XL weight loss off for over 22 years, thanks to Slime-XL I look & feel super – healthy.

Greg Jameson ,England

I strongly encourage you to use the Slim XL Weight loss Capsule – especially if you’re an experienced dieter like me. I suffered through years of feeling miserable about my body, but you don’t have to. Get on the fast track to weight loss success with this remarkable Slim XL Weight loss Capsule. When I was introduced to the Slim XL products I weighed 179 pounds and was very depressed about my looks. Fortunately my sister told me about the Slim XL Weight loss Capsule, so I tried it out of a mixture of curiosity and desperation. In four months I reached my goal of 115 pounds which I’ve maintained for the past three years.

Arnold Jameson, USA

I ordered and got it pretty fast in 2days. Ive been on Slim XL for 4 days now and have lost 9pds its crazy i am so happy. I’m eating right but not exercise as much as i should be. I had lost over 70pds and was stuck at one weight for a very long time. So this is awesome my weight is dropping again. 40 more pounds to my goal. Hopeful by summer maybe sooner.

– Donna

I’m back, and officially 25 pounds lighter and I feel AWESOME!! I feel like a totally different person, i can’t believe how much better i look and feel, what a difference 2 months makes! I am not quite to my goal weight yet but I definitely couldn’t have done this on my own. Slim XL has made a world of a difference. I am so passionate about this product, I want to tell EVERYONE about it! Slim XL is the real deal, don’t waste your money on other products! My mom who is anti- diet capsule has even started taking it! I highly recommend buying from them! I get my capsules within a few days of ordering and they answer my emails almost immediately!

– Linzee

I have tried just about everything out there (even lipo-suction) and nothing works quite as good as Slim XL. Had I tried this 18 years ago I NEVER would have gone under the knife! I have taken Slim XL every day for 7 months and have lost 58 pounds. Some months were better than others, but I am glad I stuck with it!

– Darleen

Just finished my first bottle. Amazing results. I was at 198 and dropped to a LEAN 175. I workout 5 nights a week lifting weights and cardio. I was already pretty massive in muscles but this really brought out my abs and toned up my upper body even more. I absolutely love this stuff. I will always use this if i need to drop some weight.

– Cody

It only took 2 days to get my Slim XL product. After 6 days I am down 5 pounds! My energy has increased dramatically. I am very happy with my purchase.

– Tabitha

I started taking Slim XL in february- my starting weight was 158, and after less than 4 months i have lost a total of 48 pounds! I have worked very hard but Slim XL definitely made the entire process much easier. It helped control and reduce my appetite, i could feel the fat burning effects almost immediately and it gave me a ton of energy!

– TJ

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