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Here's how these real men and women shed hundreds of pounds and gained newfound confidence and happiness.

Get inspired by these men and women and their amazing, real-life success stories.

Here are some of our real life weight loss stories

I was in India Just for 30 days. My overall experience was excellent. With Slim XL I was able to reduce 5 Kgs & 3 Inches of my tummy. I received the results I was promised especially the personal attention that I received to make sure that I was fully satisfied. looking for word to see u again during my next visit.

Mr. Kaushik, Karad Maharashtra

A lot has been talked and claimed about Slim XL for slimming. It came as a really suprising and wonderful experience. Yes, it is true nothing is impossible. It was made possible by the team efforts of Slim XL who made me loose 5 kgs in 28 days & now even after 5 months not only that I have mantained the weightloss but also managed to loose another 5 kgs with the diet and exercises advised.

Rekha, Delhi

I was 78 kgs. I reduced to 68 kgs. now after 4 months I managed to reduce 4 more kgs. not only the Slim XL helped me in my looks but also brought a positive attitude to wards life. The atmosphere here is so eco friendly. Thankyou so much

Rishab, Bhopal